FEDDZ does not have a conventional moped or scooter design with integrated electro-technology – FEDDZ makes it obvious that you are out and about without emissions. It is the most authentic electro two-wheeler of its kind. And FEDDZ was given design awards and a  technology award for that very reason.

Large tire diameter with low rolling resistance and high ride comfort. A practical storage compartment with straps for the shopping bag or briefcase as well as the removable battery box are innovative features for the high utility value in an urban environment. FEDDZ stands out from the crowd – is extraordinary. The slender design demonstrates sporty agility. The well-balanced suspension geometry enables a dynamic driving style with perfect handling and easily controllable.


Even with a weight of only 35kg, the vehicle concept is unique. Lighweight is one of the most important and effective levers for CO2 emmissions reductions in Automotive, after powertrain efficiency improvement.

In the political discussion about CO2, particulate matter and the environmental pollution FEDDZ likes to position itself rebellious, as a sensible and stylish alternative to Sunday's bring buns in the SUV. – Be proud. Be rebel.

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